Hammer Zone is a song made by some guy in Japan by combining the hammer music from Smash Bros., RED ZONE from Beatmania, Second Heaven by Ryu*, UN Owen was Her from Touhou, and PoPiPo by Hatsune Miku.


The song in question

Hammer Zone was created to be a regular YTPMV (as opposed to a .veg replace), but due to the Japanese guy being crazy, it accidentally became the most evil song in the world. Hammer Zone is very dangerous, as it can cause Seizures and make your ears explode. It has an UnRank of OVER 9000, and is one of the few songs to have its own UnRank.

Hammer Zone is also a computer virus that makes your computer play the song 24/7. This virus was meant to only infect Windows computers, but "thanks" to WebTV set-top boxes, it also infected TV sets without a satellite and/or cable connection. This is why they forced people to switch to Digital TV.

There was a pocket dimension based on this YTPMV, but it got blown up after Viacom annnounced a movie and a spinoff based off NaN's least favorite TV show, causing her to get pissed off and destroy a bunch of random pocket dimensions.

Uses of the song

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