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Hammer Island is a country located in Kittehlandia. It is currently an oligarchy ruled by a bunch of hammers and clones of Stingy. It is in good relations with Hyrule, especially Southeast Hyrule.


Before 1800, Hammer Island was part of the Weegee Kittehlandia Territories. The humans in what is now Hammer Island were tired of being fat, but Weegee refused to make or enforce any healthy eating laws, as the non-Weegified human population liked being as unhealthy as Wario and wanted things to stay that way. Finally, a certain group of LOLcats and Stingies had enough, and started spreading their influence of a healthy lifestyle to the people in what is now Hammer Island. Eventually, the cats' influence sparked the formation of the LOL Confederacy, who started a revolution and kicked off the Hammer-Weegee War. Hammer Island was given independence after only three battles, since Santa was too lazy to keep the war going. After gaining independence, Ceiling Cat was made President, and the other cats, especially Happycat, helped keep the country in order since Ceiling Cat was too dumb to look after the whole country (he didn't have imitation Chuck Norris powers yet). However, a few criminals (like Basement Cat) started to try and brainwash the citizens to become lazy again. While Basement Cat was almost successful, he was swiftly defeated by Happycat because being edgy never gets you anywhere. However, LOL Island ended up being home to none other than the legendary hammers. They decided to claim the country as theirs in 1818. LOL Island was at war with the Mushroom Kingdom, so they took this as a perfect opprotunity to attack. With a swift revolution, they overthrew Ceiling Cat and his Confederacy and moved the capital to Hammer Zone, as the old one, LOL City, was destroyed in the war. Fortunately, Ceiling Cat moved his Confederacy to a newly-colonized continent, turning it into Lolcat Land.


  • They once had a colony, Libya, which was land they stole from the Mushroom Kingdom after winning the Mushroom War. In 1989, Donald McDonald took over Libya and turned it into McDonaldland.
  • Happycat and the other LOLcats were a bit intimidated at the overthrowing of the LOL Confederacy, but eventually stopped caring because the hammers weren't really doing anything bad.
  • Its official languages are English, LOLspeak, and Hammer.
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