Halo 4

A whole promotional poster, just to tell Master Chief to get his lazy butt out of bed.

Halo 4ever (initially called Halo 4) is the first installment of the new Halo shame series. This shame is about the return of the Master Chief and about the Covenant attacking even though they are buddy buddy with humans. It is also about some stupid robot planet called Requiem and a dude known as the Diadect. It is the most popular Halo shame that was made in 2012. It was also the only Halo shame made in 2012.


Master Chief got lazy at the end of Halo The Third, so he decided to take a nap. He was so lazy, his nap lasted for years. When he woke up, his ship was crashing into Requiem. His mommy told him how stupid he was, so he started beating her. Since she was an AI, this damaged her processor and she started to go crazy. They crashlanded on the planet and had a joyride for a little while in some stupid jeep.

Master Chief eventually got it through his thick skull that the covenant were trying to kill him, even though they were friends. Then he realized a bunch of robots were attacking... three years after the events of the shame. That's how slow he is. The mastermind of the robots, the Diadect, was also using his god-like powers to attack the chief. Somehow, Master Chief beat the Diadect using nothing more than a stupid grenade. But then he used a nuke to blow up the Diadect's spaceship, which is way cooler. Then Master Chief decided to take a vacation.


Even though Halo is famous for its mutiplayer capabilities, this is the first Halo shame that has playable multiplayer. This is because all of the other Halo games started a game and then ended it three seconds later just to laugh at all the frustrated n00bs. This was actually kinda stupid, because it lost the makers of Halo OVER 9000 sales. They fixed it in Halo 4, so now the shame is approved by both Barack Obama and John McCain.


Master Chief

Master Chief

  • Master Chief (You Don't Say?)
  • Cortana A.K.A."Mommy"
  • Diadect
  • Marine 1
  • Marine 2
  • Marine 3
  • Marine 4
  • Marine 5
  • Marine 6
  • Marine 7
  • Marine 8
  • Marine 9
  • Marine 10
  • Marine 11
  • Marine 12
  • Marine 13
  • Marine 14
  • Marine 15
  • Marine 16
  • Marine 17
  • Marine 18
  • Marine 19
  • Marine 20
  • Marine 21
  • Marine 22

Covenant Alien #358 doing the Skyrim Shuffle.

  • Marine 23
  • Marine 24
  • Marine 25
  • Marine 26
  • Marine 27
  • Marine 28
  • Marine 29
  • Marine 30
  • Marine 31
  • Marine 32
  • Marines 33-9001
  • Covenant Aliens 1-9002
  • Robot Guys 1-1324091283495
  • Other guys we don't care about
  • Bob the Builder (cameo appearance only)
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