HaloBob GunPants 8: end IS THE SCARIEST GAME EVER MADE! It is filled with screamers & Hyperealistic Blood! How scary! OH THE HORRORS! AND THERE'S SUICIDE IN IT! AAAAAAAAAAH!


SpongeBob is sad so he walks on a bridge.


All you get to do is watch Spongebob walk on a bridge while depressed. The Sesame Street theme song plays throughout the game. The shames fades to black and returns to the sunset with "Circle Of Life" playing while Spongebob is walking onto the edge of the bridge, and jumps off! AND THEN A PIC OF SQUIDWARD'S SUICIDE AOPEARS AND A SCREAMER SO LOUD THAT YOU GO DEAF PLAYS!


The creators of The Lion King & Sesame Street made the music.


Nobody played it because it was too scary.


  • The game isn't actually that scary.
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