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The Boxart.

HaloBob GunPants 3: Revenge of Patrick is the third installment in the HaloBob GunPants series for the Chintendo Vii and, Commodore 64. It features 3-D gameplay mechanics that Bubsy 3D could do better. You play as a cyborg SpongeBob SquarePants that goes on a murderous rampage to try to kill Patrick Star but, really you just watch him get high on cocaine alot. This was the first to feature 2 players letting you play as Tom but, all he does is yell chocolate at people.

The disk was actually just a Potato with a marker on saying "HaloBob GunPants 3: Revenge of Ptric" witch, was probably not misspelled on purpose. 


The controls are so unresponsive its really hard to even play the shame. Sometimes it will glitch out and crash. The shame is alot like Squidward On Strike but, worse and it only takes maybe 20 minutes to beat it. It is also a Elmo Payne knockoff.

The Shameplay.


There none except Patrick witch is just a big reskinned version of you. He appears at complete ramdom even at the very start of the shame. Mostly, he will just die in a few hits and, he also goes through you. After, you kill them a 4 hour film of Patrick Star twerking to the soundtrack can be seen then the shame crashes and explodes.


The music is Squidward Tentacles playing Static-X on clairinet. The band actually sued the developers but, they shot them all. 


It was rated 1+ by everyone. It also got 0.1/10,000 by everyone. Spongebob himeself had this to say to the delvolpers "Kill yourself, already."

This is a horrible shame.