Cquote1 I'm sorry Dave, but I'm afraid I can't do that Cquote2
—'HAL 9000'''HAL 9000 is an evil, smart and stupid supercomputer that guides the rocket. He was created by some highly trained monkeys to guide the rocket. He is a much better version of Siri and is much more useful and actully a pretty nice guy if you get to know him

Why is it evil?

I'm sorry, Dave

I'm sorry, Dave

When he was watching a video on YouTube with his mind. He saw an ad that says "Read Harry Potter books now!! Who knows? You might be a cool guy!!". He started buying Harry Potter (Book series) on Ebay. After reading all the Harry Potter books. He became evil. HAL 9000 saying to Dave that he can't do it. This is the real picture of HAL 9000 when he was good.

Blue hal 9000 640x960

HAL 9000 when he was good.

His blue core soon became red when he started reading those stupid Harry Potter books. If it weren't for that ad in YouTube he would still be good by now. P.S. Don't trust any ads even if it's not on YouTube


It's a robot. It's not even a person. It doesn't have any biography. All it does is guide the rocket and kill people. He was installed in the rocket to guide the rocket. As simple as that. One the misson the rocket was headed for a black hole but the rocket stopped working for some reason and this guy went out to to fix it but HAL took out a giant pair of scissors and cut his head off and refused to let Dave do anything and then he took a pod to dismantle HAL but he wouldn't let him back in so he blew up the pod which got him inside. Then he went inside HAL's memory and tried to turn him off but their were to many switchs so he just took an axe and started hitting everything with it which killed HAL. Then dave touched a thing in space which made him turn into an immortal seagull that pooped grenades.


He was rebuilt as an app to replace Siri and he was so awesome. Soon he was fired but for some reason Carnivoreplant1 still has him

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