Gwonam Al-Saraha Murbad

The wierdest wizard in Hyrule

Gender: Male
Hair color: Grey
Eye color: Green
Age: 144
Species: Hylian human
Home: Hyrule
Death: None
AKA: Squadala Man
Likes: Ruling the Squadala Empire
Dislikes: Being hunted by Squadala Man
Education: Magician education
Occupation: Wizard
Known For: Looking like Squadala Man
UnRank: 34689366

Gwonam Al-Saraha Murbad or simply Gwonam is a random guy from Koridai who other than serving King Harkinian, is not important to the world. But one detail once made him almost all-powerful: he looks EXACTLY like Squadala Man.

Gwonam and Squadala Man are not related. The are not brothers, relatives, clones, doppelgangers or roommates, simply look-alikes, although being clones is still a possibility.

Gwonam was a normal dude until Ganon have seized the island of Koridai. Gwonam asked King Harkinian to help him but he was busy being stupid. Gwonam manadged to receive help from Link, but his fate was changed forever.

Koridians started asking him to liberate Koridai using Squadala Corps. Gwonam couldn't do anything but said that he would liberate it later. Then many dudes from Squadala Corps began to obey him. Then he captured Squadala Man and took over Squadala Empire.

Gwonam's scheme failed when he started calling himself Gwonam while sleeping,and was discovered. He managed to escape from Squadala City though, and now lives back at home, bribing Squadala Corps with gems not to reveal his location to Squadala Man.

He had a daughter, Betsy Krabs who died in 2013.

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