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Guts Man

Guts Man is a robotic man created by Dr. Wily. He is known to be one of the many allies and enemies of Mega Man in his many adventures. He is also known for his memetic butt.


When Dr. Wily decided to create some robots with Dr. Light, Guts Man was one of those Robot Masters created. When Wily turned evil, he took Guts Man with him, and turned him into a deadly fighting machine. Guts Man proved to be one of the strongest of Wily's Robot Masters, using his great strength to pick up things and throw them at enemies, all thanks to his weapon, the Super Arm. During his time with Wily, Guts Man became friends with another Robot Master named Cut Man. The two would become Dr. Wily's top henchmen, helping him in his many plans to conquer the world.

His butt

After so many defeats at the hands of Mega Man, Wily asked Guts Man if there was anything that he could do to help other than use his great strength. Guts Man revealed to Wily that he could dramatically show off his butt, stunning his enemies and striking them with awe and shock. Wily liked this so much that he uploaded Guts Man's dramatic usage of his butt to Youtube, where it became a massive hit and popular in Youtube Poops.

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