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Gut Check (styled as Gut✔) is an epic failure TV show created by Homer Simpson and sponsored by NintenD'oh it is a news show all about politics and about loving UnAmerica. It is also about killing a pig, and eating it, hence the name. Gut Check is one of the most inaccurate news shows as of five minutes ago. Gut Check is hosted by Homer, but tax payers have to pay for the show. This is because it is all a conspiracy.

Homer started Gut Check after he started freaking out on a plane. People thought it was a terrorist plot, but it wasn't, so Bart Simpson put it on YouTube, so then people started recognizing Homer everywhere, so he went on TV to tell them to "SHUT UP AND LEAVE ME ALONE!" However, everyone loved this so much, he started his own TV show, which involves Homer screaming at Barack Obama and George W. Bush. He hates them because only Homer is right, and all other politicians are stupid.

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