His own surprise party

A standard birthday party at this place.

Gunther Goatcheese's is a animatronic pizzeria funhouse whatever in Gimmelshtump, Drusselstein, like everything else in Gimmelshtump, and to an extent, all of Drusselstein, it was specifically made to be hardcore, depressing, and lonely, atleast you get great performances from guys like Count Wolfang, Betty the She-Boar and Ratputin, Olga and Chicago Joe the wood lice and mabye even spot Gunther Goatcheese himself.

Gunter Goatcheese's was first built in the prime of the Clunkledrunsh dynasty, when World War II was at it's peak, Drusselstein had a big wall that kept any side from invading to make sure they do not get involved, in order to make sure kids weren't upset that a deranged fuhrer was running around commanding equally as insane troops, they made this to brighten everyone's spirits! Heinz Doofenshmirtz was their first, and loneliest customer.

However, once Chuck E. Cheese was born, he decided to rip off the Goatcheesiest place in all of Drusselstein with Chuck E. Cheese's, because of this, his joint is banned in Drusselstein, any Drusselsteinian or whatever who sees the mouse must pelt him with Doonkelberries and force him to walk the paths of Drusselstein where he'll be maimed by Doonkelberry Bats and anyone with even the smallest amount of Drusselstein blood who visits Chuck E. Cheese's will be shipped to Koridai where Ganon will make them DIE, Gunther Goatcheese's is still very popular though.

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