The game's poster.

Guitar Hero: Po is a stupid shame starring Po and the other Teletubbies in their quest to rock the world with their frenzied rock music. the shame spawned a video shame series and made many sequels, like Guitar Hero: Po II and Guitar Hero: Po World Tour which were EVEN WORSE than this.


One day, Laa-Laa wakes up. She's very bored, but then she finds Po's gun. She suddenly shoots the baby sun. It gets mad and curses Po, with the only way to get free is rocking the world. So, Po parts on a quest to do just that.


  • Teletubbies theme song
  • Dead Tubbies
  • Tubby Toast of doom
  • Po's got a gun
  • Tinky Winky's cliff song
  • Empire State of Tubby Tower
  • Raining Custard (Slayer Cover)
  • Hammer Smashed Teletubby Face (Cannibal Corpse Cover)
  • oBzen (Meshuggah cover)
  • Tubby it out (Slipknot cover)
  • Tubbies from Hell (Pantera cover)
  • Teletubbies Unbound!!
  • Shoot the Sun
  • Friday


To play, the player must grab a toy guitar that comes with the game. Then, he/she must play along with the song being sung by the game. If the player misses one note, the game will lose, and "GAME OVER" text appears.


  • Like that of The Stupid Adventures of Po, it was rated P for Po even though it wasn't sold on ShamesCoarse.
  • This game is not fun. Period. Exclamation point.
  • The only people who bought the game were the Meshuggah. 

Reception and Lawsuit

The shame was given a -9000 saying the songs were very annoying that they had to turn the volume all the way down. The Teletubbies were taken to court by Guitar Hero's creators, Elmo, Rebecca Black and other idiots for stealing their shame and music. The Teletubbies somehow avoided the trial altogether just by not going to it.

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