Grover and Elmo is a shame made by criminals. It is a rip off of Ratchet and Clank and is a spin off of Grand Theft Sesame Street.


Sesame Street has just been bombed by a gang who thinks they are better than the Elmo Gang. The Elmo Gang has a bomb shelter, so they survived. Elmo commands all of his thugs to get them, but Grover was the only one who was awake.

Grover and Elmo walked outside, and saw a monkey. Elmo shooed it away, and they took three steps. They blew up.

They both survived though, and we're sad about that.


  • It was originally going to be called Elmo and Grover, but Grover bribed the makers.
  • It took only three hours to make this shame, and it has a total of five minutes in cut scenes. The shame itself usually takes about three minutes to play.
  • This one is only here so the trivia section won't look tiny.
  • Grover and Elmo is considered the worst shame starring Elmo. It is even worse than Elmo Stinks.
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