Wait till you see what he looks like WITHOUT the helmet!

Grover was one of Elmo's greatest accomplices. He was a member of the Elmo mob for a while, but was betrayed, so now he is a dead guy.

Grover was born in Sesame Street.  At the time of his birth, it was not crime filled. He was raised on the principle that good is good, and bad is bad. He believed this until he hit his head one morning while riding a skateboard WITHOUT A HELMET! He forgot, and thought good was bad, and bad was good.

Elmo was struck by lightning, and swiftly turned Sesame Street into a crime-ridden wasteland. Elmo recruited Grover as his second in command of the Elmo mob. He served Elmo loyalty for a long time.

Grover Ghost

Grover's ghost

One night, Elmo was giving a speech to his most loyal mob members, Grover included. But then, Grover accidentally coughed. Elmo pulled out his Magnum, and blew Grover's brains out.

He survived and once out from the hospital he went to surprise Kermit, for no particular reason. Kermit, surprised by Grover, threw an axe through his head, killing him instantly. He ended up rejoining as a ghost.

Grover's story was later told in the shame Grand Theft Sesame Street.


  • During an interview with Grover's parents. They claim that Grover was just adopted and that they found him in a garbage bin.
  • Grover is 2302 years old.
  • Grover was one of the warriors of 300.
  • Grover had his tonsils removed in an operation.
  • He is the only person to ever have served two non-consecutive terms as teh USA president.
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