HOuse in Grouchland

This is a a normal house in Grouchland

Grouchland is possibly the most evilest land up there. It makes Teletubby Land look like a flower field and puts Aperture Science Lab to shame. It has appeared in many Shames, most of them being unbeatable. Grouchland is full of grouches with dangerous clones of weapons like BOOM! and the Red Beam UFO Attachment. They kill any non-grouch or non-muppet who dares set their breath onto the area. Nobody except muppets and grouches have ever lived to tell the tale of Grouchland. 799999 people are estimated to die every year since the warning sign is unreadable and no one knows why it's there and pass by it, then die. Oscar once set foot in here, but since he's a grouch and a muppet, he was allowed to live. The grouches use peoples body parts to make Grouchbots and also use them for food. It is also the second highest city-wide crime rate in the UnWorld, first being Possum City. STAY AWAY FROM GROUCHLAND!!!


  • Most Dangerous place to live:1999-2059 and 3013
  • Most people killed in 2043
  • Most Gangs in one city 2034
  • Alof of dangerous rewards,there are far to many to list..

Grouchland Timeline

  • 1999:Grouchland was created by the Grouch God and grouch's quickly made the place into what it is today
  • 2000-2004: Extinction of friendly animals and making of the Grouchbot Machine
  • 2005: Grouch's cloned powerful weapons and started killing any non-grouch or non-muppet
  • 2006: Elmo discovered Grouchland and taught it about crime.
  • 2007-2008: Oscar was found in the deadly trashcans and somehow survived.
  • 2009: All laws were removed and city skyrocketed to 2nd most crime infested area.
  • 2010-2017: Grouchy Lawyers took over Grouchland,it still remained the same though
  • 2017-2025: Television was introduced to Grouchland and only showed violent movies and shows
  • 2100-2101: A brave grouch asked for laws,then was slowly killed
  • 2111-2222: Gary Oak came to Grouchland and gave grouch's Pokemon. Pokemon numbers dropped in high numbers and Pokemon started being more abused then they already are.
  • 2223-2235: Little King John taught them about the magic and mystery of Potato Knishes. Grouchs started expanding their territory with them.
  • 2236-2300: Grouches started expanding the territory to space with Potato Knishes,technology,and dead bodies.
  • 23001-40000: Was at war with Ducky Empire,Pirates,Dancing Banana,France,Mushroom Kingdom,Pickles,Hell,America,Germany,General Food,General Direction,Giygas clones,Eggman Nega and Sparta in the Supernova War
  • 40001: Lived through the Supernova War and bombed France.
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