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" I can't let you do that, Victor. Your volunteers and I have an experiment to complete. "


Grid is an evil, sentient cybernetic system that will roast you with intelligence. He listens to Moloko and dislikes foolishness.


Grid originated somewhere distant; it's even been rumored he's not from this Earth. He was first recorded in October 2013 attacking a helpless individual named Cyborg and stealing his body. The two eventually became enemies.

Cyborg later invented a device called the Hyper Drive that would map out the multiverse. When testing it with a few volunteers, Grid hacked into the mainframe and took control of the entire lab, intending to use the Hyper Drive to spread his programming to every corner of the multiverse. Cyborg was able to interface with the Hyper Drive and regain control of it, thus stopping Grid.

Grid was recruited by Danny and their Jihad Autonomous Organization NJHATER, where he reluctantly teamed up with Cyborg and his girlfriend Reimu Hakurei to defeat the Purple Piece of Puke regularly. Grid's greatest feat came in the Battle of Montgomery, where he corrupted the computer playing the music for Barney's appearance at the Montgomery Mall. Barney freaked out because he was caught lip-syncing. NJHATER praised Grid for this situation.


  • Grid has a friendly rivalry with NJHATER member Birdman.
  • Grid believes Cyborg is limited by his humanity.
  • Danny has a crush on Grid, alongside Cyborg.
  • Grid's "job" is as a tour guide at Six Flags New England.