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Greg Heffley
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Age: 12
Species: Human
Height: 5'0" probably
Alive or Dead?: Dead
Death: Disappearing from cognition.
AKA: Wimpy Kid
Likes: Holly Hills
Dislikes: Rodrick
Education: Middle School 7th Grade
Occupation: Student
Religion: Christianity
Known For: being a loser
UnRank: 0

Greg Heffley was a loser that is addicted to Cadbury Mini Eggs and as a baby Tubby Toast.

Greg Heffley's cadbury egg obsession


Greg was always a wimpy kid that made a bunch of novels based on his life in middle school. He judges everything, including Weegee wikis. It is unsure whether everything he writes is true, like claiming to live being hit by a bus or being in relationships with a total of 20 girlfriends in 1 year of middle school. Mumkey Jones pointed out these contradictions like "There is only 3 summers in the entirety of middle school, you clearly have written about 6!" (or something like that)

His writing was continually under attack by Mumkey Jones until he finally made a shame with the help of Wario and Waluigi because he payed both of them $1,000,000. The shame was called "Exposing Mumkey Jones" for the CD-i. In this shame there would be a Video shown of contradictions and out of context sentences from Mumkey Jones, In order to progress in this shame you would have to essentially agree with "Mr. Heffley" on everything. The final boss was of course "Robo-Mumkey Jones the Alt-Right Nazi." Mumkey Jones played the shame and stated it was propaganda trying to trick people into thinking he was bad, in his response video he showed the showed all the context things Greg left out. After this people stopped buying the diaries.


Everyone had forgotten him by this point, and committed suicide from his severe depression. This man's legacy has only been discovered about a year after his passing. Technically if everyone remembered him when something like a cognitive world and UnWorld fusion happened again he could come back to life, but who would remember him?

Louie.png Louie's Notes

Why eat him? You fucking cannibal