Promotional art for the game.

Grand Theft Sesame Street: Street Derby is a spinoff of the not-so-popular Grand Theft Sesame Street series. Since every series needs a racing spin-off, Elmo ordered this shame to be made immediately. This shame was produced by Grover and marketed by Ernie. Though this shame sucks more then Noo-Noo, Ernie's mad skillz allowed this shame to be successful anyways.


One day Elmo drives his SUV and sees a hot rod crash into an idiot driver's car. Thinking it would be fun to crash into each other and use weapons, so he gets his members from his gang and they all go crazy with his car.


  • Story
  • Time Trail- Drive into many idiot drivers as you can
  • Multiplayer- Play with another person. All you do is crash or bump into each other and use weapons as listed below
  • Options


First, you choose any character in the Elmo Gang. Then you drive Elmo's SUV. There is no start or finish. You just drive. There are also weapons laying around, but the weapons do absolutely nothing. When another car tries to bumps or tries to battle you, you do it back. Then when you try to turn off your console, the shame charges $100 to your credit card that you foolishly gave to the shame before you started playing. It does not notify you of the "withdrawal" until you are in serious debt and living on the streets.



Everyone that we interviewed said great things about this shame. Elmo, Grover, Ernie, Easter Bunny, and Oscar all liked it very much. Everyone else we attempted to contact was unavailable due to this thing called death.

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