Grand Theft Sesame Street: San Sesantos is a spinoff shame based on the Grand Theft Sesame Street series. This particular shame is unique in the fact that playing it will not give you rabies (at least, we don't think it will). GTSS:SS was surprisingly popular for a spinoff, to the point where they actually through a parade in several cities in honor of this shame.
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The very unrelated box art.


The shame starts out on a sandy beach in Sesame Street. Grover is relaxing when he sees children. Like any normal person, Grover gets angry when he sees children. He decided to relieve the stress the same way you'd expect any lonely man to: he robbed a bank. Elmo tells Grover to lay low for a while, so he goes to San Sesantos.

After arriving, he realizes there are no gangs or mobs in this city. He decides to fix that. Grover starts another sect of the Elmo Gang in San Sesantos. The rest of the shame follows his various misadventures, murders, and screw-ups. In the end, Elmo hits him on the head for starting a sect without his permission.


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