Grand Theft Sesame Street: Derbygeddon is a video shame and a spinoff of the Grand Theft Sesame Street series. It is also the unofficial sequel of Grand Theft Sesame Street: Street Derby. Critics argue it is not any form of sequel because it's the exact same thing. Anti-Critics argue screw you. Anti-Anti-Critics argue that this shame is terrible and needs to be thrown into the garbage, and then burned at stake. Anti-Anti-Anti-Critics argue that this is getting ridiculous.


After Elmo won their last derby during GTSS:SD, a low ranking mob member demanded a rematch. Elmo kills this guy for challenging him, and then realizes that's actually not a bad idea. He gathers the Elmo Gang, and they crash into each other and Blow Stuff Up. They also use lotsa Rocket Launchers and Lamp Oil.


Shameplay is just like the original, but now you can unlock hot rods (like an actual car, for example) You can also unlock better weapons if you complete story mode.


  • Story Mode - Main portion of the shame, lets you unlock the hot rods and better weapons.
  • Time Trail - Crash into as many idiot drivers as you can. You are given a time of 300 seconds.
  • Multiplayer- Battle of members of the Elmo Gang with other players. It is up to 4 players.


The shame was terrible and was SO TERRIBLE that bored the player so they smashed the copy of the game with there foot.

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