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Goro Akechi
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Red
UnBirthday: Around the year 2000
Species: Human
Height: Average, you know
Weight: Not fat
Home: Japan
Death: Pancake overdose in 12,099
His distant relative Tohru Adachi.
Committing mass murder.
Dislikes: friends,
the power of friendship, being trolled online,
cognitive psientists, corrupt business leaders, cult leaders, pretty much everything
Occupation: Ace Detective
Powers: Persona.
Killing people in the Metaverse.
For his neutral special, he wields a Gun.
UnRank: 32,000


Know as the "second coming of the detective prince" after Naoto Shirogane as well as "pancake prince", Goro Akechi is a murder, resident psychopath of the phantom theives, and pancake addict who also does detective work. He has brown hair and red eyes, colored after the blood of his enemies. He tries to blackmail the phantom thieves and is an evil persona user who is a piece of garbage. He works with Masayoshi Shido to try and start the cult of Amazon in New Zealand by becoming President.


Early Childhood

Not much is know about his childhood except for a few things. His father was an alcoholic who is also a fledgling cult leader named Masayoshi Shido. When Akechi's mom became pregnant he decided to get milk but never came back. The mother, devastated that she couldn't make her cereal, decided to commit mass murder killing herself in the process. He is then put in multiple foster homes and develops a pancake addiction to cope with his loss.


Later after being failed by the foster care system, he decided the best way to get revenge is to work with his father cult leader who went to get milk and never came back. Following in his mother's footsteps, he becomes a mass murderer. However this time, he has the power of god and anime on his side because he uses The Shadow Realm so he doesn't die. It at this stage of his life he goes from cute little bean to murderous piece of garbage.

Pursuit of the phantom thieves

Goro Akechi has many fan girls that love him meaning he could go tell someone to die in a hole and they would become more attracted to him. When the phantom thieves begin to commit crimes, he decides they are bad because he has the same justice as them. He makes it his job to go after them for months, and because plot armor saves them, the phantom thieves aren't caught until the game designer overlords (the Upper Counsel of Undefeatables) said it was okay.

Pancake Man was the Impostor

During a palace heist Akechi find evidence against the phantom thieves and threatens to report them. they then infiltrate the cognitive version of Las Vegas which is ruled by the one confidant everyone wishes they could date. They infiltrate the palace together. The phantom thieves learn about his plan to commit mass murder, but this time it includes their leader so it becomes actually important. They successfully steal Sae's heart and Joker is arrested for being a nasty crime boy because Akechi is a little snitch and ratted them out anyway. Akechi murders Joker but is thwarted by the power of friendship.

Cult Leader's palace

With their leader in hiding, they decide to go for the Yaldabaoth incarnate, cult leader that isn't Masayoshi Shido. As they are about to secure the infiltration route they run into Akechi. Akechi attempts to kill them and reveals the double meaning behind his codename, revealing the fact he has left many hints throughout the game. He is defeated and is offered to become a part of Mystery Inc. with the rest of the phantom thieves. However, fake Akechi attepts to shoot real Akechi. He also reveals that Akechi was the reason he went to get milk and never came back. Akechi is pissed and shoots him and saves mystery inc., going out with a bang and commiting more mass murder. He dies. F in the chat for Akechi.

Freaky Councilor

After Yaldabaoth lost, he decided to infect Maruki, making him also a psychotic man with a god complex. He revives Akechi to make his OTP a reality but Akechi doesn't like that. Using the power of god, anime and friends they defeat apple juice man. Akechi dies again.


In the end of persona 5 royal, joker sees his reflection and the viewer sees what could be Akechi. Thanks for making us mad and leaving us on a cliffhanger Atlus. That wasnt very cash money of you.

The Pancake Liberation War of 2037

Akechi stopped being dead in 2037 because his father, Shido, God-King of New Zealand outlawed pancakes. Naturally, he obtained the Blue Orb and summoned the legendary pokemon, Kyogre. Unfortunately, the people of New Zealand never saw their Right to Pancakes, as Akechi accidently sunk New Zealand under the ocean while killing Shido. For the next approximate millennium Akechi felt very sad and ate pancakes until his eventual overdose in 12099.

Appears in

  • Persona 5
  • Persona 5 Royal
  • A Smash Skin
  • Persona 5 The Abomination Anime
  • People's Dreams At Night
    • as a sleep paralysis demon
  • World War 2
    • colluded with Tohru Adachi