Goombas is a totally not bad movie made by Pixor and has a sequel called Goombas 2.  Later, there would be a rip off called Cars and its awful sequel Cars 2.


Goombob, a all star popular Super Mario Kart: On Tour racer has won the Shame Cup. Then, when he sleeps in his car it accidently opens one of the doors and Goombob rolls off to a hill. Being scared, He tries to find his car, but ends up on a town called Route 666, filled with residents and some abandonded stuff. After being chased by Koopa Troopa sheriffs for running with dirty feet he gets caught. He then wakes up the next day and finds out he is in Route 666 by a resident of the town named Larry Koopa, he is sent to court by Meta knight and says that he is forced to clean the dirt that he left, after an hour clean up, half of it was awful, so Goombob challanges Meta Knight to see if Goombob could leave the town, Then goombob looses and is forced to clean it up again, after that he goes into Meta Knight's house and relizes he was a Super Mario kart: On Tour racer and retired because of a car crash. the next day he was found and is sent to the Crap cup leaving the residents alone having Meta Knight as the pit crew cheif, one of the racers, Waluigi crashed so Goombob lifts him up and succseeds, then, Goombob moves in to Route 666 and his new headquarters.

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