Goomba Mario

This is Goomba Mario walking.

Gender: Male
Hair color: Mustache Hair that is brown
Eye color: Gooomba Eyes
Species: Goomba
Home: Mushroom Kingdom
Death: When Stomped On
AKA: Mario the Goomba, Marioomba
Likes: Mountain Dew, Illuminati, Baby Yoshi brains
Dislikes: being stomped on, kidney stones, Hitler
Education: Goomba School of Goombology
Occupation: Being a Goomba
Known For: eating baby yoshi brains, biting of Hitler's left pinkie toe
UnRank: 455

Goomba Mario is what happened when Mario mixed baby yoshi brains and Mountain Dew and drank it. He walked around until he found a Nether Portal and walked in. He was transported to Germany in 1938. Dr. Eggman Nega found him and took him to his magical house made out of bacon. Roomba Mario found out that Dr. Engman Nega was part of the Illuminati and that they were fighting against Hitler. Goomba Mario became part of the Illuminati and used magic Dr. Pepper cans to fly to Hitler's house. When he got there he attacked Hitler and bit off his left pinky toe. Hitler kicked him off and he flew into a Nether Portal. He was transported back to the Mushroom Kingdom and became normal Mario.


A goomba with a Mario nose and hat.

Powers and Abilities

He has normal goomba abilities except he has super sharp teeth. He also can have the Illuminati help him, so get #rekt. He can eat bacon at extreme speeds.


  • Goomba Mario has the ability to create Nether Portals with his bare hands. Except he has no hands so he uses his mustache.
  • He frequently goes to Illuminati meetings with Barack Obama and Knuckles the Echidna.
  • Wot M8 u wan go against Goomba Mario?? 1v1 IRL now i got my mowntin dew and duritos!
  • He is allergic to butter and will die if he sniffs it up his nose.
  • He and Dr. Who used to be best friends until Benjamin Franklin kidnapped Dr. Who.
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