An angry goomba.

A Goomba is a weird creature that lives in the Mushroom Kingdom and North Hyrule. It was once thought they were just mutated koopas, but Albert Einstein proved this was not true. Goombas are now said to be a hybrid of owls and racoons. We're not sure how this is possible, and we're pretty sure Dr. Robotnik has something to do with this.

Goombas are now the servants of Bowser, being the lowest creatures that are ever under his command. He thinks of them as nothing more than pathetic pawns, and often sacrifices them for the stupidest reasons (he once got one hundred of these creatures killed because he needed them to steal him a steak from the grocery store).

Goombas are not an endangered species, because they always respawn, even though Bowser foolishly gets them all killed/destroyed/annihilated/liquified. All goombas hate Mario for some reason.

To make a long story short, goombas are stupid.

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