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Gooigi is a goo version of Luigi.

Gooigi, sucking up thin air as opposed to thick air.


Gooigi was created by Professor E Gadd to rescue Mario from King Boo. Unlike Luigi, he has a capital "G" instead of an "L". He is also sent to Kamek and made him move like a human.

During his life

Professor E Gadd  gave him a vacuum cleaner especially for him. He could also transform into anything so that he wound not be seen by anyone. After clearing out the mansion, he, Luigi, Mario  and Peach  hugged one another. The three humans usually be stuck together because of his gooey hands.


Gooigi was killed by Weegee because of the new Nintendo game Weegee's Mansion.


  • His favorite food are wheat, flour, and water, and they are the ingredients of glue.
  • His Wa-Clone is WaGooigi.
  • Both him and WaGooigi made appearances in the episoide Waluigi's Mansion from The Waluigi Sitcom Show.