Google Ultron

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Google Ultron is a TOP SECRET web browser created by Google's head programmer Ultron in 2013. It was made as an alternative to Google Chrome that NASA could use in case they ever found space aliens. Google Ultron has since been adopted by many companies throughout the UnWorld, even though it "doesn't exist". It is powered by Adobe Reader and outperforms every other browser ever.


  • Browse the internet
  • Appears to be identical to Google Chrome
  • Powered by Adobe Reader
  • Default Ask Jeeves toolbar included for FREE*
  • Displays webpages faster and more accurately
  • Makes your PC over 9000% faster
  • Protects your computer from viruses using Internet Explorer technology
  • Zero Gravity Proof
  • Incognito mode bypasses all filters and restrictions your boss put on your computer
  • Downloadable RAM
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