Google Glass is a device made by Google. It makes you blind.


It all started when Aperture Science Lab went broke. They needed to create something to get money, so they created Google. Google was very unsuccessful until people found out they can look know what. Then it got pushed into the deep web. From there, it got worse and worse until finally, it got pushed into Mariana's web. There, The internet realised it was there and thought "If this sucks...I should make it the #1 search engine!" So it did, And people actually liked it. But aperture science thought "This is not enough...Let's make glasses!" And so they did. They first tested it by having a test subject have to solve a test with it on. They died. So, Aperture released it to the public, where everyone licked it for no apparant reason. So, Innovation Labs decided to create "Lick proof glass" and told Cave Johnson to lick it by telling him it tastes like candy. And that's how Cave Johnson REALLY died.

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