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Goodra eating while shooting.
Member 19 - Goodra

Goodra is PokeLavender of the team. She also serves as the pet dragon of Hergee. That said, she loves eating Hergee's Rocket Launcher.

Her designated roman numeral is XIX (19).

Goodra is also super attracted to Tropius, mostly because he is less of a villain than the other bosses. She spits goo in places, one of which her personal firing range.

Her footsteps are also covered in goo, so it's easy to find her. It's a good thing she's good.


  • She owns a Rocket Launcher, and blows stuff up with it. At least it's on her controlled firing range...
  • Her favourite number is 19, for semi-obvious reasons.
  • She managed to box with Bruce Lee, which resulted in a tie.

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