Silive's Fish Pond

Good purple guy

Good Tinky Winky is a clone/knock-off of Tinky Winky but is good. He lives in Nice Teletubbyland with the other good Teletubbies. He has a red bag that he carries with him all the time. He hangs out with Po's Good Twin and Good Dipsy. Mostly Po. He also enjoys eating Tubby Toast.


Nobody cares about his history and nobody knows. he founded Nice Teletubbyland and built the Tubby Dome, he liked it there so he lives in it. Tinky winky likes dancing and marching. He likes marching so much, When Voice Trumpets Play March music, he marches all day long. He also likes to sing his own special song "Pinkle winkle, Tinky Winky, pinkle winkle, Tinky Winky" which is a ripoff of Tinky Winky's magic incantation. He likes to fall over for no particular reason but doesn't get hurt because he's fat.


Good Tinky Winky, aside from liking marching, has a red bag that he likes to fill up with stuff. He loves his green, green house that he made.He sometimes likes to play with Good Laa-Laa with her ball and sometimes Po.He marches so much, it's an exercise Construction tape with only marching on it. When people want to exercise, get Tinky Winky's exercise tape and march along. He likes dancing. He sometimes dances on top of the house when he feels like it.When he finishes dancing, he falls off.

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