Good Ol Motorcycle

Po's reign of terror ended, naturally.

Gold Ol' Motorcycle is the first episode of series one of the Teletubbies (TV Series). Po gets a motorcycle and runs everyone over.


In the beginning of the episode, Jebus Khrist allows a motorcycle to rain from the sky so the Teletubbies can murder each other. Jebus's plan works. Tinky Winky finds the Motorcycle and shows it off to some Teletubby Land Bunnies. The bunnies don't care though, so Tinky Winky runs them over. The Bunnies are too lumpy for an inexperienced rider like Tinky Winky to ride over though, and while he does run them over, Tinky Winky is flung off the motorbike, which continues to drive until it hits Jumbah, a good way away from Tinky Winky Winky. Jumbah drives around on the motorbike, but then sees a spider, causing him to panic and brake, flinging Jumbah into the Teletubby Land Acid Lake. Laa-Laa finds the bike, and desides to use it to annoy Noo-Noo. She drives it into Tubby Tower, making dirt tracks Noo-Noo has to clean. This angers Noo-Noo, so he constructs a crude ramp, and speeds up it, managing to fly through the air, and knock Laa-Laa off the motorbike and out a window. The motorbike, out of control again, speeds out a different window. Luckily landing on Zing Zing Zingbah, who Dipsy was about to test a colour-draining ray on. Dipsy examines the motorbike, and declares it awesome. He then decides to drive it about, "to further examine it's awesomeness." Dipsy drives the motorbike off a huge ramp at top speed, the stunt is awesome, but Dipsy falls off the motorbike while still airborne. The motorcycle plummets towards Po, but Po manges to catch it. Po decdes to keep the motorcycle and names it Good Ol' Motorcycle. Po then runs everything that is living over. She runs over bunnies, Teletubbies, the Baby Sun, and Noo-Noo, though being a machine he shouldn't count. Po loves the violence, but stops paying attention to where she's going, and crashes into a brick wall. The other Teletubbies then turn up, and they all fight over the motorbike.


Due to the violent nature of this program, viewer discretion was advised. Most toddlers\babies watching the show did not give two $h!ts about this warning, and watched it anyway. The episode left them scared, and parents angry. Nobody likes this episode because it made no sense either.

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