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Good Noo-Noo
Look into his eyes, A HERO!!
Gender: Robot, so no gender
Sexuality: No
Eye color: None (he's a robot)
Age: 1 years old
Species: Robot
Alive or Dead?: Alive
Likes: Being good
Dislikes: Noo-Noo
Alignment: Neutral Good
UnRank: 10 Quintillion

Good Noo-Noo is Noo-Noo's good twin of epic proportions. However, due to his similar appearance they're often confused for eachother...

He is also the reason Po is hiding, as the Teletubbies haven't seen her since 1/3/2022 since Good Noo-Noo would bury her in his chamber alive.

Twitter Bio

32 | He/It | I'm Good Noo-Noo!

Rise to fame

It started off when of all people, Wario decided "Fuck it, if there's good teletubbies why not there be a good Noo-Noo too too." and so he threw Noo-Noo into the Wa-Machine with the intentions of making a Light Clone of it. But instead of doing that he accidentally un-waified Noo-Noo and the UnUniverse didn't break. This was going to be a personalized vacuum cleaner for Mario. But Mario didn't want it because it was too good for him, and sent it off to Captain 0 who's been using it ever since.


  • He is famous
  • 100% Not evil.
  • He looks almost identical to Noo-Noo
  • He, for some reason, hates loquats
  • As Captain 0's vacuum, he enjoys his job.
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