Good Laa-Laa is a clone of Laa-Laa but is good. She likes playing with her big, wobbly, orange ball which she bounces all over Nice Teletubbyland. Good Laa-Laa runs, jumps, skips, sings and dances. She loves dancing the most. She Lives in Nice Teletubbyland


Laa-Laa is very giggly and full of fun. Unlike evil Laa-Laa, She can't turn people into Tubby Toast. Laa-Laa also can't mimic the Weegee stare. although she tries lots of times and FAILs. When not hanging out with Good Tinky Winky, Good Laa-Laa and Po's Good Twin play with her ball together. She hangs out with Good Dipsy when Po is playing with Tinky. Good Laa-Laa sings "Laa-Laa-Li-Laa-Li-Laa-Li-Laa" to herself. When Laa Laa gets frustrated, she sometimes shouts a rather strange word ("BIBBALYCHEESE") because she wants some Cheese.

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