The Pier

He is VERY nice,just like the other good Teletubbies. go and live with him and the others.

Good Dipsy is a nice, kind, and friendly Teletubby. He's Dipsy's good twin. Like the other Good Teletubbies, he is from The Good Teletubbies Show. He wears a nice hat.


Dipsy used a cloning machine to make a clone of himself so he could be in two places at once, but the clone came out GOOD. SO, he banished his good clone to Nice Teletubbyland because of his GOODNESS.


Some losers believe an untrue rumor that he's actually Chuck Norris in disguise, but Chuck Norris is a god, while Good Dipsy is just a clone. Other losers believe that Good Dipsy was created by Cyber-Dee to kill Dipsy and take his place, but Dipsy himself created it to be in 2 places at once.


He likes to play games, wear his hat, and be silly. He is best friends with Po's Good Twin, Good Laa-Laa, and Good Tinky Winky. He loves Tubby Toast and making inventions that are HELPFUL. He hates Dipsy Doodles. He loves Kamen Rider.

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