Gold Tonky Wonky

Gold Tonky Wonky in all his glory.

Gender: Male
Hair color: Glazed with gold
Eye color: Black
Species: Telotub
Home: Trash Compacter in Telotub Land
AKA: Tub-A-79
Education: As much as the other Telotubs
Occupation: Spy
Known For: For being a Tonky Wonky dipped in gold paint
UnRank: 75
Promotion: Promoted for being shiny

Gold Tonky Wonky is a clone of Tonky Wonky, the unusually fat idiot and rival to Tinky Winky, this is a rival to Gold Tinky Winky, and another bizzare Telotub.

He lives in a broken car in a malfunctioning trash compacter that is stuck open, because Yaa-Yaa found the power box and shot it with electricity, causing it to malfunction and break into shards. He hates Weekend Pickles for some reason. He was a communist at one point, later a nazi, but he quit both, surprisingly, he has befriended Gold Tinky Winky just because he too hates Diamond Dipsy.

He also had a near Chuck Norris experience because he said that he can kill 2 stones with one bird just like him. He can do the reverse, though. He has as much intelligence as Tonky Wonky, and once made a golden robot suit out of plastic, sadly, Homer Simpson accidentally dropped a donut into it's ventilation shaft, and it asploded. He rebuilt it, but other than that, he also made a turbo charged car engine and a take on the average Tubby Bomb, but thats kinda it.

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