Gold Tinky Winky is a shiny Teletubby who lives in a old abandoned mineshaft. He is a clone of Tinky Winky who is glowing and made of pure gold!

I bet he is rubbish in Minecraft. (Before the Nether update, that is)

He was the favorite Teletubby of every Minecraft Youtuber/noob until Diamond Dipsy came along. In which he basically ruined his life, he is still making a huge plot to obliterate DD of the face of UnUniverse forever, or atleast ban him from Kittehlandia, or even smaller, from Teletubby Land. But it will take him alot of time and money for this.

He and Po once teamed up to kill him, but, nope. And then he and Laa-Laa, even trying to get Alt 2.0, but she just studied his gold body and put on her scary face if he dosen't cooperate. So he has a long way to go.

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