Gog is just some guy in the UnUniverse who likes to eat toasters. His unrank is 8754.75. He was born in the year 1982. His 4 brothers are:

  1. Gag
  2. Geg
  3. Gig
  4. Gug

He also has a stepbrother named Gyg.

The Beginning of Gog

Gog was created when Chuck Norris ate a sandwich that apparently had a bomb in it. Chuck Norris survived (obviously), but Gog was created by the sanndwich itself.

The Many Deaths of Gog

Year Cause Stupidity Level Potatoes Created
1985 Forgetting that he can only eat toasters. 53/1000 0
1989 Asplosion 683/1000 0

Weegee turned Gog into Toastergee.

320/1000 0
1996 Eating a toaster that was still toasting. 998/1000 0
2000 Y2K made toasters into nuclear bombs. 12/1000 0
2008 Punched by Chuck Norris. 666/1000 0
2016 You read this article. 476/1000 0
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