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The Globglogabgalab doing an esoteric ritual with books.

The Globglogabgalab (グロブグロギャブギャラブ [Gurobugurogyabugyarabu?]) is a yeast (species Literahelmimimus debu) that was hired by a Scottish guy to guard his books from the evil forces of I.M. Meen. However, he didn't know that the Globglogabgalab actually eats the books. He would eventually end up breaking his house.

Biological properties

The Globglogabgalab is clearly a eukaryote, and that's about the only thing that's known about him for certain. He may look multicellular, but he is probably actually unicellular. That would mean that he reproduces asexually, but you still wouldn't want to see it.

He is also reported to possess immortality.

One more thing: He is ether 1000.5 or 4830 pounds.

Other abilities

The Globglogabgalab can rap to any beat imaginable with words like "shwabble", "glibble", and "schribble".