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He's a nightmare-wannabe so much that he tries to scare them, but fails.

Gender: Male
Hair color: NA
Eye color: Black
Species: Flying Scorpion
AKA: Hateful Hurtful Scorpion
Likes: Trolling
Dislikes: Being trolled back
Known For: Trolling, propaganda
UnRank: 13

Gligar is a scorpion-like Pokemon who is Sneasel's boyfriend and is a hate spreader like her.

Beyond worse than Sneasel, he still spreads hate everywhere on YouTube and 4chan, except does it more often, which makes him very hated.

He wanted to be allies with Salamence, but then he found out he is a minion of the Teletubbies, and he hates anybody who is NOT a member of the Satanist Empire.

He is also a spy, and stalks on people from the very sky and so he can see what anybody is doing.

Speaking of the Satanist Empire, he is a member of that country, and bows down to Googolplex and prays to Satan twice a day 24/7.

He is both drunk (sometimes) and dank (especially), he doesn't just drink Mountain Dew, but also drinks beer. He trolls everybody on every game he plays, including his own, Minecraft, Halo, Team Fortress 2, Destiny, Call of Duty, Super Mario, Roblox, Toon Town, and many more.

He he spits and shoots a bunch of poison darts respectively from his mouth and claws.

He kicked Tinky Winky, Diesel 10, Donald Duck, Painis Cupcake, Salamence, Luigi, Patrick Star, and other heroes and villains in the nuts because he hates anybody who is NOT a member of the Satanist Empire.

Speaking of Painis Cupcake, he wished Vagineer to win, but Painis Cupcake owned him like heck. He also wanted Ass Pancakes to win, but he got owned by SoupCock Porkpie. He hates Painis Cupcake and SoupCock Porkpie so much he wants to hunt them down.

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