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Gin Ginbah
Not many pictures of a gin-ginbah exist.
Scientific name: Globodermis numerso slothi
Hair color: None
Eye color: Green, but can sometimes be black
Habitat: Any waters, but prefer the UnPacific ocean.
Time alive: ~5 years
Edible? Yes
Tastes like: Chicken wings combined with salmon
Preys on: Small shrimp
Is preyed upon by: Eobah
Intelligence: No
Conservation status: Near threatened
Powers: None
Alignment: Stupid

Gin-ginbah (/ˌʤɪnˈʤɪnbɑː/) is a Boohbah-like seafood found in the UnPacific Ocean.

It is known for its wonderful taste, tasting like chicken wings, combined with salmon. It is, however, rarer than its close relative, the Eobah. Eobah can be found anywhere, whilst gin-ginbah are only really found in the UnPacific Ocean.

It is one of the slowest reproducing species ever; every second, 4 gin-ginbah are produced. It is a staple for any seafood fan due to the delicious taste.

When cooked, it, for whatever reason, cries in pain. This is the last thing it does before it stops feeling pain.

Louie.png Louie's Notes

Want a delicious seafood? Just go fishing in the UnPacific Ocean, making sure that you catch some gin-ginbah. Then go home, cook it, add some lime, and enjoy!