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  — Gigatron
The horror himself.
Gender: Male
Hair color: Blue horn and helmet
Eye color: Red
Species: Vampiric Cybertronian
Home: Cybertron
Death: Nope.avi
AKA: Dio Brando, Galvatron, Overlord
Likes: Conquering the universe and killing Optimus Prime.
Dislikes: Primus, Unicron
Education: N/A
Occupation: Future Decepticon Leader
Known For: Leading the Decepticons in the future!
UnRank: -6,666,666,666

Gigatron (AKA Overlord) is what you get when Dio Brando and Galvatron are fused together. He is the result of an event done by Dio due to some time-travelling from the year 1940 to the year 2020. He is now the future leader of the Decepticon Army in the far-off future of Cybertron. His worst fears are Jotaro Kujo and Optimus Prime (along with Jotaromus KujoPrime and he also has a grudge with the Angry Video Game Nerd.



Gigatron was created in the year 2020, when Dio Brando time-travelled from 1940 to 2020. When he arrived, he noticed Galvatron trying to kill The Twelve Homestuck Trolls. Just as he was about to kill Nepeta Leijon, Dio jumped in the way and kicked Galvatron's butt. He then proceeded to do the Fusion Dance with Galvatron, much like the one that Goku and Vegeta did to become Gogeta, and thus they fused into Gigatron. Upon being created, Gigatron swore vengeance on the Autobots, and thus, he tried to kill Optimus Prime OVER 9000 times. To help him accomplish this, he created the combiner known as Abominus and created Super Asia (not to be mistaken for Super Aja).


He has the combined powers of Galvatron and Dio Brando, can transform into a spaceship jet and a tank, fire lasers from his cannon, control energy, manipulate metal, fly, use magic, freeze time, respawn after being killed, and use nearly any element known to man.

His list of places to destroy

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List of Evil Actions Committed