Giant Isopods are yet another underwater nightmare that want to take over the world and eat chips. They love Doritos and will go out of their way to find Doritos, but half the time they can't even get into the bag. They are led by their leader, the aptly named King Isopod, who is the size of the planet. He sends Isopods to Earth from the Isopod Dimension to bring him more Doritos. He hopes to drain the universe's supply of Doritos into his stomach. The Isopods once also declared war on Hawaii, and almost won, but were brutally defeated when Penn Jilette intervened.

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Giant Isopod is amused


They are about the size of a kitten and like to scuttle onto land and scare the crap out of people. If you ever get chased by one just throw a bag of chips in the opposite direction and run. They are often not amused with pretty much everything.


A Giant Isopod cheesing

Where they are now

Here are some places were we know that they are

  • Arlen: Arlen is infested with giant isopods which means sometimes people wear masks to keep them from hurting their faces. They had a Dorito shortage which drove Hank Hill insane
  • Australia: Australia has a "minor" giant isopod problem
  • The Isopod Dimension (no shit, sherlock)

Giant Isopods and Doritos

Giant Isopods used to live in the Isopod Dimension until they came to earth, seeking Doritos. They will do anything to get Doritos. I mean it, anything. They even have AK-47s, and Spider Crabs, too, so watch out, liberals!

Giantisopods doritos1
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