Luigi ghost
Ghostbusters: Luigi's Mansion is a shame for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System starring the Ghostbusters, who must save Luigi from ghosts.


Luigi is fed up with these stupid ghosts in his mansion. He decided to drown out his problems with beer and TV. While watching the TV, he saw an ad for Ghostbusters and decided to give them a call. They showed up within an hour and said something funny and clever, as if it were a comedy movie. Although, this is no comedy movie, this is one of the most evil, twisted, shames ever spawned by Nintendo. Luigi leaves the house and the 5 Ghostbusters enter the house, and that's where all hell heck breaks loose. The chandelier crashes to the floor, killing Ray. Then, a ghost appears and turns everyone except for the player inside out. Ten, you have to survive being constantly hunted down by:

And lotsa other crap, freaks, and stuff. There is no way to beat this shame, the goal is just to survive. The average survival time is 59.6 seconds.

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