Flag of Germany

The Wondrous Flag of Germany

Germany is an ancient country that is located in Europe. It first was founded in 1100 when some people did some stuff, and made a new country. It was made because some people wanted to live in a place called Germany, so they made a place called Germany, and that is what we know it as today.
Germany map

A Map of Germany


In 1000, some guys named Albert Einstein, Darwin Watterson, and Darth Vader got into a meeting. They decided that they wanted to live in a place called Germany (they loved The German Prison). There wasn't a place called Germany, however, so they made it. Germany was founded a century after that. They originally wanted to make it so Monkey Creatures ruled Germany, but then they decided that was stupid, so they decided they should let Fuhrers rule instead.

Darth Vader left to go back to A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away, having no idea why he was there in the first place. Albert Einstein and Darwin Watterson fought over the leadership of Germany, but Einstein eventually decided to get into science instead, so Hitler gained control of Germany.

Over the many centuries, Germany has been ruled by many fuhrers, some of them more evil than others. In 1551, Toka Ryuumonbuchi came to power. Though she looked only 13 at the time (she had incredibly slow aging), and she only ruled for two years, she is considered one of the evilest and most powerful German Fuhrers to ever be in command.

Eventually, Vendetta Williams came to power, and started shooting things. During 1810, she was shot and killed by an UnAmerican treasure hunter. This kicked off the War of 1812. Adolf Hitler came to power during this war. After Germany lost, Hitler remained in power.

Hitler eventually died, and some guys became Fuhrer, but they died, so Gary the Snail became the new Fuhrer. However in 2013, he was shot by a stressed and mental Benson who then became the new fuhrer of Germany.

Notable People from Germany

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