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Gengar, when he's lazy.
Member 6 - Gengar

Gengar is PokeViolet of the Vast Pokeforce and serves as their "soldier of nightmares" due to the fact he is considered one of the scariest members of the group.

He's also the supreme king of the Ghost Pokemon Kingdom alongside his wife and queen Mismagius.

His designated roman numeral is VI (6).

Gengar is also part of the Satanist Empire and is considered to be "The best Pokemon in his empire" according to emperor Googolplex.

He is also one of the golden aces of the Supreme Golden Ace Invasion Organization and is always willing to obey Galvatron's orders.

He's often seen scaring people to death. Even sentencing/executing them by hanging them in chains, putting their heads on boards before cutting their heads off, and even putting their bodies in deadly coffins filled with spikes inside.

Gengar also has "fun" with disembodied heads of other good guys or even good Pokemon. He puts them on spikes, has them hang on ceilings, and even cut all the insides of their heads out just to make cute little "helmets" and "masks" for other people and Pokemon. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA1!!1!!!!1!!!!!!

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