General Food

General Food is a food general who is the leader of the Food Army. General Food is awesome and has the ability to do awesome Energy Blasts. General Food usually sends the Food Army into situations with a -0% of survival. Many morons mistake General Food for actual food. General Food however IS an apple which is (presumably) normally a food, so I guess they are kinda right. When he is not sending food soldiers to commit suicide, he is usually sending them off in wars. This is because he's not very smart and tends to start a lot of wars (such as the First Food War).

His worst enemy is General Direction and they always end up getting in wars like the Master General War. He is friends with the people of Hyrule so he always wins wars against General Direction because he has no allies. General Food is very friendly to everyone (except his own soldiers and people he starts wars with). He has a lot of enemies though, because he's a good guy and Nobody likes good guys.

He is currently in an alliance with General Electric. This alliance gives him access to all sorts of weapons, bombs, and refrigerators (which are surprisingly effective in battle). Despite this, he often sends his soldiers to shoot at General Electric because he thinks its funny.

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