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General Electric (born Electric Edison) is a proud warrior that shoots lightning and kitchen appliances from his fingertips. He is a very powerful and deadly opponent, able to turn Bread into Toast in a mere three hours. General Electric is most well known for his victory in the Master General War, although he also played a large role during World War I. General Electric is currently the leader of the Appliance Army.

General Electric is the son of Thomas Edison. When he was born, Edison was too busy stealing the lightbulb, so he sent Electric off to boot camp. Even though he was only a baby, Electric outperformed all of his peers and was promoted to the rank of general. Many questioned the fact that a baby was promoted to general, but the UnAmerican military stood by their decision.

Eventually General Electric grew up and became a well respected general, even leading the UnAmerican soldiers during World War I. After the war ended, however, General Electric realized that he had so much more potential than he was allowed to demonstrate. He left the UnAmerican army and gathered his own. He attempted to create his own country by conquering France, but he FAILED.

Now he secretly resides in UnAmerica, gathering soldiers and telling them to do stuff. He often works with General Food, who supplies him with soldiers. General Electric's most notable accomplishment in recent history has been the capture of Las Vegas. Except he only captured a picture of Las Vegas, not the actual city. Despite this inability to do anything, General Electric is still very dangerous.

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