Garald D. "Gary" Oak is the grandson of that old booger, and one of the greatest Pokemon trainers the world has ever seen ever. He likes to PWN the N00bs who have no idea who they're dealing with. He was raised by his grandfather, who is smarter than he looks, but very old and smelly. Gary has many badges, and likes writing songs about them, and plots to use his Pokemon to take over the world. On top of everything, he is only ten.


Gary lives in a city somewhere where they have Pokemon. This is the entire world, so he lives somewhere in the world. He does not, and I repeat, does not live on the Moon (though some say he was born there). He was raised thinking he was awesome, even though he wasn't. But then he became awesome, and now he is awesome. He is still awesome today. The only think that is not awesome about him is that he does not appear to understand much English, because every time I say "SHUT UP!", he does not appear to understand.

If you ask Gary, he will say his favorite Pokemon is Pokedoom, but it is actually Losero. He says this because he does not want people to think he is a sissy, even though he is one. He is very dangerous though, and will destroy you if you try to fight him, unless you have Mew, because Mew is better than every other Pokemon ever (except for Mewtwo, but he's a jerk).

Gary is currently waiting for his next victim on top of a tall mountain. If you think you're a good Pokemon trainer, go fight him, but if you lose, he will throw you off of the mountain.

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