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  —Garfield. Just. Plain. Garfield.

" Where's my lasagna, Jon? "
  —Garfield. He yearns for food.

Mmmmm..... Lasagna!
Full name: Garfield
Gender: Male
Hair color: Orange fur
Eye color: Black
Age: 41
Species: Cat
AKA: The Virtue of Patience
Likes: Lasagna, Patience
Dislikes: Wrath and cold things
Occupation: Using his lasagna to practice patience.
Known For: Eating lasagna.
Alignment: Lawful Good
UnRank: 55 Quintillion.

Garfield is a fat cat that's lazy, but patient. He can't climb trees and he is a big lasagna addict. Most characters thought he was lazy too. He was technically created by Frankenstein to eat all of the world's food starting with Italy, but actually was created by Jim Davis. There he fell in love with Italian food and got so fat. So, he decided to eat lasagna to make him invincible! He was popular for his comics of him in his life. He became so popular to get him his own movie. Next, you were supposed to go into Garfield's mind in Psychonauts, but it was canceled due to copyright issues. He moved in with Bulk Bogan and Dio after meeting at a nightclub, but entered a coma due to heat stroke after setting macaroni on fire. He currently lives with the duo at Oasis Springs, in his catatonic state. He also has a pet petite lap giraffe even though he is a pet but he doesn't know it. He also had a CGI and 2D show, but both appear as reruns. He is also a member of the Seven Heavenly Virtues and represents the Virtue of Patience.

Garfield himself has faced Garfielf, a poorly drawn, crude MS Paint alternate universe version of Garfield himself that only exists in Youtube and maybe a few other video "realms" accessible by the internet. Jon and Odie have their counterparts too. Which Jon actually looks a bit more realistic (having 5 fingers instead of 4)

That's not Garfield, is it?

Garfield's dislikes

Garfield's likes

  • lasagna
  • mice (as friends)
  • falling into a laundry basket full of laundry
  • pizza


  • Phineas and Ferb are the only people that don't think Garfield's lazy (That's why he and them were a team, and he got his 100 pound lasagna after the

    Garfield and Jon in space. Actually not in space. They're in a room, but it was poorly edited with MS Paint to look like space.

  • Garfield really hates Nermal.
  • Garfield started the popular ad company, Got Food?.
  • Gumball Watterson is similar to him.
  • Garfield has EASphobia
  • Garfield's clone Garfielf is far from the only derivative...