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" WAAAAAA!!! I miss Flygon-san!!! "
  —Garchomp while Flygon is away
Redeemed Garchomp.png
Garchomp's a hero nowadays! Working for Mr. T!
Gender: Male
Hair color: ???
Eye color: Yellow
Species: Dragon-Sword hybrid
Likes: Having s** with Flygon
Dislikes: Being away from Flygon, being trolled back by Salamence, whenever Googolplex "acts like a moron".
Education: Pokemon Highschool

Garchomp is a troll, and he likes to troll other players, especially Salamence. He is Flygon's boyfriend. He and Flygon are considered Googolplex's "favorite" pokemon.

Garchomp is equipped born with blades everywhere under his forearms, two on his tail, one on his back. He also has spikes everywhere, such as his thighs, his upper-arms, his toes, and fingers. He can literally kill you.

Eventually, he and Flygon both left the Satanist Empire and now work for Mr. T and stopped doing Satanism. He was happy about doing that anyways. He now kills villains.

However, Garchomp was eventually killed by the god known as Thanos after the latter choked Garchomp and later tearing him in half.

Garchomp when he was formerly an edgy troll.

His appearance without the troll face....