Die gannon


Gender: Male
Eye color: Yellow
Species: Pig thing
Home: Koradai
Death: Made himself DIE, but it didn't work
AKA: Piggy
Likes: Making people DIE
Dislikes: DINNER
Education: Learned how to DIE
Occupation: Being evil
Known For: Starting the DIE meme
UnRank: 2598406703458943058023852058205892085


The legendary pig-creature: GANON!

Ganon is a demonic pig monster that is every popular Triforce. It was actually his fault, and he deserved it, but he blames the triforce. He is a Bowser wannabe.


Ganon was born in a civilization somewhere, and he was a king. All of his subjects served him, and he was their master. They bowed to him. He lived like this for several years, when somebody told him what power was. He then spent the rest of his life trying to achieve this "power" he has been told of.

He traveled through dimensions until he found the triforce, the greatest weapon in the world. He found it, and he accidentally swallowed it. This caused a reaction in it that made it split into its three pieces, him only keeping one. This also caused his originall beauty disappear.

He now tries to kill Zelda and Link so he can steal the pieces they removed from his stomach during surgery and make his face the greatest in Koridai again.


  • Ganon has been rated as Biased Ratings most powerful villain of the year several times.
  • He can tell people to DIE. 
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