Best part of the song!

Cquote1.png From the calm morning, the end will come. When of the dancing horse. The numbers will be nine. Cquote2.png
Nostradamus stating that Gangnam Style is the beginning of end.

Gangnam Style is a popular song created by a famous Korean killer rapper and singer Psy. It is well known because, of the dance called Horse Dance. It is a kind of dance where a girl is gonna dance while the guy is just lying doing nothing.

Gangnam Style can still be watched in YouTube. Some people predicted that Gangnam Style will soon rule the world, but Psy turned out to be a failure in 2015. In addition, Katy Perry will do anything to stop him. The first step was letting I Kissed a Girl have its time in the limelight.


Gangnam Style became popular because of the Horse Dance. If it weren't for that perverted dance moves, it wouldn't be popular today. It became a popular pop culture in the world. 

It became a meme. There are lot of Gangnam Style parody in YouTube such as Star Wars themed Gangnam Style, etc.

As an attack

Skill Effect Cost
Gangnam Style Severe Almighty damage to all foes 3x 80sp


  • Did you know that Gangnam Style is a Korean song. (We already know it Captain Obvious).
  • Gangnam Style has over 1 billion views on YouTube. (This is getting annoying Captain Obvious).
  • It is the first video to reach 1 billion views. (SHUT UP CAPTAIN OBVIOUS WE ALL KNOW THAT!!!)
  • It is more popular than Justin Beaver's song called Baby. (Actually, I kinda like that! Thanks Captain Obvious!)
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